"What exactly are you offering?"-This is a question that is often asked. The answer is that Sampson Financial is offering the service of a full charge bookkeeper in the event that you're a business owner and have the need for accurate financial accountability and the necessary reporting of various forms for your business to stay in compliance with the IRS. For those with tax preparation needs, we are certified tax professionals, with the ability to prepare and file your income taxes for you. No matter if you have the need of your business taxes being filed or the need of personal taxes being filed. Sampson Financial is able to alleviate the concern and get it done for you.

"What if I am not a business owner?"-A popular question for the individuals who are not a business owner. Well, at Sampson Financial, we offer personalized services as well. From basic financial advisory services to assist you with the many nuances of personal finance to being able to provide you with personal finance information when making strategic decisions regarding monetary transactions.  For the individuals, there is personal credit consultation as well. Various credit strategies are available to aid the consumer when looking to build credit for any reason. From buying a home to purchasing a new car.

"How can I learn this on my own?"-Is another question I am asked by those who want to learn financial matters on their own. Sampson Financial has courses that are designed to educate you in many areas of finance. From a Small Business course to an advanced Tax strategies course as well. The goal is to make you aware through information and unique teaching abilities of the knowledge that you seek when looking for financial acuity. By contacting Sampson Financial can you discover the many ways that you can learn. Phone calls are welcome as are emails. The weekly subscription is a way to receive direct financial information to your Email account on a weekly basis as well.